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Kutch Essentials Bag
Kutch Essentials Bag
Beautifully and intricately hand embroidered in the homes of women from the Kutch region of India. The exquisite embroidery designs are distinct to this people group and have been passed down for generations.

Bag measures 4.5 by 6.5 inches. Shoulder cord pulls taut to close the bag; cord measures about 28 inches from shoulder to bag.

Note: Because of the handcrafted character, each bag varies in design and color. All bags are warm rich tones of burgundy, navy or black with burgundy cord.

Price $22.00


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This Product Was Made By Pankaj & Mena From India
The Story Of Pankaj & Mena
Pankaj and Mena are well loved among the artisans in Kutch. Their work along with the sustained efforts of Bajalia in more than 50 villages in Kutch has helped these women who have then helped each other, their families and their communities. Learn More »
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